It is so windy! I’ve never felt wind like this before! My hair is in huge rumpled knots most of the time. But the air is sweet and warm and blows the sun around so it doesn’t feel as strong. Today we had Spanish placement tests (oh my!) and saw GIANT birds and went into town for the first time. Our town, Atenas, is just delightful. The sun rises and sets early, and it’s surrounded by hilly countryside with coffee and fruit fields. A few years ago National Geographic made it famous by stating that it had one of the best climates in the world (the back of all the buses say, "El Mejor Clima del Mundo!"). Every single tree is different--it’s the most incredible thing. And the residents (there are only about 5,000) we’ve met have all been abundantly warm and friendly—“Buenos Dias! Pura vida!”

I've met my first friends, I’ve tasted my first Cas (this funny green seedy fruit!) and I’ve had my first sunburn—all is well.


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    1. Hi Shann--it worked, sort of. Sorry to mess up your blog with a meaningless comment. I thought I could remove it, but I think I would have to post it with my google account (which I'm trying to do with this comment) rather than 'anonymous', in order to do that. If you can remove it as 'admin' go ahead and do so. Thanks. --Uncle Bruce, or perhaps --el Tio Brucio! (very interesting blog, btw)

  3. Hey Tio Bruce!

    I'm glad the comments finally worked. Initially I didn't "enable" commenting...or something. Hope you're well!! (I don't know if I mentioned this the last time I saw you, but I finally finished cold mountain! It took forever but it was soo good.)