Our group thought of these things to help us remember ways to live sustainably. Maybe you'll like them too:

I will turn off all lights and fans when I'm not using them.
I will recycle what can be recycled, and compost what can be composted. 
I will hang my clothes on the line to dry (even if it makes them stiff).
I will take only what I can eat.
I will reuse things as much as possible (like tin foil and plastic bags!)
I will bring my own grocery bags to the store.
I will share with others things I have too many of, and ask someone to share with me before I buy something.
I will use biodegradable soaps, shampoos, and detergents.
I will not eat meat on Mondays, and try to never eat meat in excess.
I will "let it mellow".
I will take cold, 5-minute showers.
I will make use of daylight, and sleep when it's dark.
I will try new and local foods.
I will always drink beer on tap.
And I will try to teach others about living sustainably.

Making use of daylight

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