This is a picture of a baby hummingbird! Not a baby…a fetus. We came across this nest when we were hiking; little one was secure on the base of a palm leaf. Itty-bitty life.

This is Poaz volcano. We were so fortunate to go on such a clear morning, but every day at 11 am, clouds lower down--just like clockwork. It amazes me how nature can sometimes be so predictable and other times so surprising. While we were there we had to ask eight people to take a survey about their experience as a tourist. We’re compiling the data and writing papers about people (locals and visitors) perception on the impacts of tourism. We had a script of things to mention to people before they took it—our name, what we’re doing, where we’re from, that it’s anonymous and will take 5 minutes. I was so nervous to ask people in Spanish, but everyone I talked to was really sympathetic and nice. I saw one woman who looked friendly so I walked up to her and then I realized that I’d lost my script! So I freaked out and forgot all of my Spanish and all I could say is “encuesta?” (survey?) and she said okay and filled it out! How nice! It gave me so much empathy for anyone who ever asks me to fill out a survey ever again.

And finally, here are some ants carrying food up a wall! Many hands make light work! I’m learning that a lot here. All 34 of us have the same assignments due at the same time, the same 5 am wakeups, the same farm chores, the same Internet connection that doesn’t work. In solidarity, though, things work out. 

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